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Noble will accelerate your learning curve. The markets will not play with you or show any mercy as a newbie. You have to love charting and learn how to use the tools that pros use. You'll love these highly informative, entertaining, and powerful trainings.


John Carter TTM Trend Mastery 

Learn the 4 Key You Won't Find in Any Book!

The John Carter suite of indicators can take any trader or investors to the next level. The "TTM" or trade the market tools are powerful, well designed, and also flawed. You don't master any indicator until you under the patterns and when it doesn't work as well as when it does. The "ttm trend" study helps retail traders see one thing clearly- the trend! If you get the trend direction wrong it's game over. Noble has been using this for years and will show you key nuances to know when to trust it and not to trust the trend. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to find amazing entries, how to see any asset class clearly, and know when the trend is trying to fake you out.


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Check out these in depth Mastery webinars. They are game changers. Noble has used these advanced technicals for almost 10 years and can give you the type of insights that aren't found in free youtube videos. Mastery takes another level of dedication to the craft of trading. You'll love these and they will definitely give you a new view of the same old charts.

ThinkorSwim Charts

Learn How to Navigate TOS Like a Pro!

TOS is the best platform out, but it's also complicated and layered. Spend a few hours learning all the shortcuts, hacks, tips, and troubleshooting gems that you need to be efficient and confident with your charting! 


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