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Options for Income 4 Wk Class:

Hybrid (Live + Digital Course)

It's the perfect time to learn new options for income. Covid-19 shut down the entire country and the stock market has been full of amazing opportunities to make money. Thousands of new traders are entering the market but most are confused or need a solid strategy. We got you covered either way. Watch the video below for all the full details.



Make use of your Covid-19 time

Millions of Americans were and still are working from home. It's a smart idea to learn a skill that can change your life. If you've been thinking about how to use your time...this is it. 


Create A New Financial Future

This pilot isn't about giving you new possibilities. It's about equipping you with the mindset, skills, and system to help you fundamentally make more money. 


Profit with your favorite brands

Imagine buying your next Apple product with profits from your last Apple trade. That's the win win and better way to shop. And luckily "trading" is really just shopping anyway.

Most traders are struggling. Why? Find out in this video. The pilot will make sure that you're not "most" traders.

Everything comes down to a few simple basics. Noble wants to make sure you know what they are upfront. They cripple traders from achieving their goals daily. And they can be avoided. Check out the video and learn about each one in detail. 


Would you rather take 1 trade and make $1000 or take 10 trades and make $100 every time? 

The pilot will challenge traditional ideas and what's out. It's not about chasing every "hot stock" mentioned in the news. You can make great income from trading but you need to learn how the best do it. These real life scenarios will help to highlight why the pilot is so important. 


You need a Great Coach

There's nothing worse than a boring class with a stuffy teacher. You don't have to worry about that here. Noble is at the top of his game and loves teaching and entertaining. Get ready to learn, laugh, think, and YES he will randomly call on you in class, but you're in a safe space...unless you weren't paying attention, lol.

* You'll also get a private 1 on 1 zoom consultation with Noble as a special bonus.

You need Smart & Simple Visuals

The stock market is full of weird sounding terms and concepts. Luckily, many of them you already know and practice in your everyday life. Noble specializes in using what you know to teach you what you don't. It "accelerates" the learning process.

You need Time to Ask Questions

Options, by nature, are complex. To make sure you have all the help you need with the concepts Noble will hold office hours every weekend. You, can hop on zoom, ask questions, check out stocks in the news, review that week's lecture and ask anything. 

You need A System

Watching tons of youtube videos is nice. Talking to your friend or co-worker about stocks is dope. But you need a system. Luckily, Noble loves to "Buy LOW & Sell HIGH" as his strategy. He's using colorful charts and lines but behind those kid friendly lines are the keys to wealth. And he's taught kids, by the way so it's not just a figure of speech. If kids can learn them, then you know you can...

You need Powerful Quizzes

The only way to learn if you have learned anything is to test your knowledge. The latin root of education is educo meaning "to grasp." Quizzes help you assess what you have or haven't grasped. Every lecture in the pilot will test you and they won't be easy by design. You're an adult. Get ready to grow in the only way that growth wrestling with content and material taught. At worst, you'll fail and realize that you need to study more or take better notes. 

You need Results

You need to trust that you can actually make money. You can. Over 40 people experienced the first one pilot. They ranged from new traders to struggling traders to life long learners. Some are practicing and patiently getting their flow down and others are trading live. And as you can see...the class is a great investment. Some students paid for the class in 1 week and some in 1 trade. You simply need to make 1 decision. 

Option For Income PIlot

$2499 Value....Black Friday Deal $599

Deal is Limited to 1st 50 students


  • Over 25 hrs of quality in depth content
  • LIVE Lecture & Discussion Format
  • Every Tues is live class and Thur you'll get a digital lesson (video).
  • Learn 3 unique strategies to take advantage of day trading, swing trading, and long term options
  • Learn key terms broken down into simple and plain english
  • Learn how to place the trades
  • Learn how to read charts like a pro trader
  • Learn how the math works
  • Fall in love with "The Greeks"
  • Develop a traders mindset
  • Complete a quiz after each class to test your knowledge half way and take a final exam to make sure you've learned 
Yes, Im ready to make more income.

All the tools you need to use options for Income. And you're only 1 decision away.

Join us for this game changer. There are a lot of educators and brands teaching in this area but many of their students complete the courses only to realize that they can't successfully implement a system or weren't given one. Generally speaking, the majority of investing programs don't produce successful traders for a number of reasons. This course focuses on making sure that each student has the tools, education, and private group coaching that leads to positive results. 

"But what if I'm brand new to investing?" It's a commonly asked question. Here's the honest answer.

Imagine being so intimidated by the thought of learning "options" that you literally stay away from something that you actually think is pretty easy and fun...once you dig in. That's Noble's story with options. We dont want to let the notion of being new push you away from diving head first into an amazing way to create income. Check out the video for the full view. 

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