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Noble Woods Presents: Options (4 week intensive)

Create a new financial future and learn a system that brings together all the tools, skills, and principles that you need to utilize Options for Income. You dont have to be a day trader or stare at computers all day.

There's a better way for working professionals and people serious about creating a passive stream of income.

This ground breaking class teaches students basic and advanced strategies through a new framework that was developed during the heart of the pandemic. You should know all of your "options" when you're trading options.

At the core of all trading is technical analysis.

Students will learn the Noble Woods Method which was developed over 14 years of trading. It's an innovative approach that equips traders with the ability to trade any asset on any timeframe with consistent and precise entries and exits.

Get ready for the professional trading class that you've been waiting for. 

What you'll get in this dynamic course:

  • Over 60+ hrs of LIVE training, demonstration and discussion.
  • LIVE Lectures every Tuesday & Thursday at 8PM EST from SEPT23 thru NOV17 
  • Digital Content Uploads of supplemental trainings to accelerate your learning curve
  • LIVE Office Hours every Saturday at 11am EST. This an optional free flowing Q&A session.
  • Step by step lessons that break down every concept in detail with weekly quizzes.
  • Learn a comprehensive Options Trading System that give your preciseness and accuracy on each trade
  • Learn key terms broken down into simple and plain english
  • Learn the Noble Woods Method for Technical Analysis. This was developed over 14 years and allows for mastery of any asset on any timeframe.
  • Learn advanced strategies that give you more "Options" such as lowering contract prices, make money regardless of which direction price moves, etc. 
  • Learn proprietary and proven trade setups for advanced strategies with clear goals and rules.
  • Learn how the math behind Options works and how to assess your risk.
  • A mid-point exam will be given to test your knowledge.
  • Learn the importance of "The Greeks" and how they affect your trading decisions, profits, and losses.
  • Develop a traders mindset and learn tools like journaling, backtesting, and trading playbooks
  • Practice placing the main order types through a self paced module.
  • Engage in lively discussions with other students to explore the concepts taught in class.
  • More learning strategies may be added.

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What Students are Saying

I started digging deeper. I found you offering Options for income and you helped me find the missing puzzle I was looking for. The answers I couldn't find on YouTube because I was looking for. The answers I couldn't find on YouTube because I couldn't talk to nobody. But, I am forever grateful because you know my story. After you showed and explained technical analysis I went on to make $70k in 8 months my 1st year of trading. That was the missing link. You know I absorbed everything in that class, the Greeks so I could calculate my contracts, waiting for the move and so on. I've continued to do great things and Im forever grateful. Thank you! Please feel free to read this is in your class.

Mrs. Martin