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John Carter TTM Trend Mastery

The John Carter suite of indicators can take any trader or investors to the next level. The "TTM" or "Trade the Market" tools are powerful, well designed, and also flawed.

You don't master any indicator until you under the patterns and when it doesn't work as well as when it does. The "ttm trend" study helps retail traders see one thing clearly- the trend! If you get the trend direction wrong it's game over.

Noble has been using this for years and will show you key nuances to know when to trust it and not to trust the trend. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to find amazing entries, how to see any asset class clearly, and know when the trend is trying to fake you out.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • A detailed breakdown of the TTM Trend indicator
  • 4 Keys to recognizing a potential fake trend
  • A multiple time frame analysis tutorial
  • The Good & Bad Pattern
  • How to cheat your entry every time on any timeframe
  • Why scalping can be done in minutes or days
  • The ability to post questions inside the class on the website and receive answers.
  • Potential video updates or new insights in the future
  • A powerful assessment to test your knowledge along with an answer guide video