ELITE was designed for people who want to make make money in the fastest and purest way possible- Futures trading. The Futures market is the most sophisticated level for on-demand money in the world. In ELITE you will learn a proven system tested that will allow you to not just consistently profit but to consistently double your account within 10-20 days. The financial model and core of ELITE is comprised of 7 years of active trading, over 20,000 of research, and hundreds of experiments. You will never need another strategy, book, or conference. Every lesson, concept, and exercise you undergo is designed to make you ELITE.

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ELITE is a mindset and way of life. This deeper level & understanding of price action and how all markets move will fundamentally change the next 3 generations of your family. It will also free you from the notion of working for someone and spending countless hours with someone else approving or denying you of owning your time. ELITE is about freedom for you, your family, and for anyone who dares to envision a different lifestyle for themselves than what the status quo presents.

ELITE students are uniquely different in thought and action than most individuals. They have unlimited patience. ELITE students face themselves honest and openly and always avoid excuses and blaming anyone. ELITE students believe that anything is possible. In fact, LIMITLESS is the prerequisite for ELITE as one gives you the core concepts that drive the markets and the advanced class provides the financial model and trading system that will create more money in 30min at the open than most jobs will in 3 months. Once you begin this journey there is no looking back and you're forever changed. You will literally know how to make money any day at anytime and that my friend is the essence of power.

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ELITE is the holy grail of trading, making profit, and freedom. The risk to reward is perfect optimal and you're never risking more than 1% of your account. The charting tools and indicators are minimal. The trading time frames are optimized so you're only trading for 30min each morning but you can trade all day and will still enjoy the same dominance. The profits trump the small losses daily and the only thing that stands in between doubling an account routinely as normal practice is doubt and fear. The model itself is perfect. 

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ELITE comes in 2 delivery methods. The first is an exclusive 1 on 1 learning model where students learn directly from Noble through virtual sessions. The second is a powerful & robust on-demand online course where students can go at their own pace learning with the best tools tech can offer. ELITE students who go through the 1 on 1 coaching will also receive access to the online course. 

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Students must apply and be approved for ELITE. This profession is not for everyone and we want to make sure that you understand the nuances, requirements, and long term potential of becoming ELITE. There's a certain set of traits that will either propel one to success or make trading as a lifestyle impossible. Once you submit your application you will be contacted within 24 hours. A conference call will be scheduled to talk through any questions, concerns, or issues that you may have or that may arise from your application. If approved, all pricing details will happen on a private 1 on 1 basis.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about ELITE.

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